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How to help senior citizens cope with dementia

Dementia is among the most serious conditions that many seniors have to deal with. There is no cure for dementia and once detected, it slowly progresses leading to permanent memory loss.

Seniors who find out they suffer from dementia may experience feelings of anger, denial, bitterness, fear, frustration, depression, loneliness, and loss of independence.

Here are some tips that may help senior citizens cope with dementia:

Regular medical check ups

Frequent medical checkups will help seniors deal with dementia. Medical professionals specialized in dealing with elderly people will help seniors in the early stages of dementia get a better understanding of the changes they will experience and how their memory will fade eventually.


Seniors with dementia will be able to cope with the condition much better when they take their medication.

The medication will help to slow down the progress of the disease and will provide the seniors with a sense of control and independence. Lack of medication may cause the memory to deteriorate at a faster rate.

Avoid alcohol

When faced with life challenges, some people turn to alcohol to help them cope. Seniors should avoid turning to alcohol once they realize they are suffering from dementia.

Alcohol will only lead to more complications because it may interfere with the medication and may lead to further memory loss.

Alcohol can never provide any long-term solution and seniors with dementia should not use it as a coping mechanism.

Support groups

Nothing feels better than having the assurance that you are not alone. Seniors with dementia can join support groups of people also suffering from the condition.

The support groups will help the seniors find out more about dementia from people who have firsthand experience.

People in the support groups may also provide the seniors with personalized tips of coping with dementia that may not be available online or in any books.

Organization and arrangement

Elderly people with dementia may have an easier time coping with the condition if they arrange their things well and label all the places they store items. This will help them find what they need easily if they cannot remember where they placed it.

Another great tip is to store things in the same place. If an elderly person always places the house keys on the kitchen counter, they should continue placing them there.

Small adjustments in where to store certain items may lead to a tedious search because the senior may forget about the adjustment.

Future plans

Elderly people with dementia will be able to cope better with the condition once they make the necessary plans for the future.

Planning will help seniors adjust to the condition because they will have a sense of control. Communicating with a doctor about the future will also help the senior know the medical choices they have. Seniors can also communicate with their loved ones to establish whether home care will be more suitable for them as compared to a retirement home.

Elderly people can make financial arrangements as well as legal arrangements like writing a will when their mind is still functioning well. Knowing that everything will be okay will help seniors cope positively with dementia.

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