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Home safety tips for senior citizens

Unfortunately, being a senior can bring a whole new array of challenges. These exist in many ways, including at home, as one’s house becomes a source of accidents and danger for far too many seniors. Thankfully, there are many ways that seniors can revamp their homes in order to increase their own safety. Here’s an overview of the things they can do at home. 

Install railings. Balance becomes an issue for many, many seniors, and doing things like walking up stairs or down hallways can be challenging. That’s why installing railings at any potential danger point is so important. This can be done relatively easily, and there is no shortage of contractors that can assist with this project. 

Keep an eye on the floor. With balance being such a concern, it is vitally important that seniors keep an eye on their floors and quickly remove any potential obstacle or hazard. This means pushing aside all wires, getting rid of furniture that cannot easily be seen or avoided, and making sure that the floor is constantly clean. These hazards can be a problem for many of us, but particularly for seniors who cannot recover if they trip or get injured.

Install grab bars in the bathroom. For obvious reasons, the bathroom or shower can present a real danger for seniors. That’s why it is so important to install grab bars in a shower or bathroom. This can make it easy for a senior to steady themselves while getting into a shower or out of the bathtub. If a senior has the money, they may want to consider revamping their bathtub so that they never have to stand and can shower while sitting down. These modifications expensive, but often well worth it.

Exercise. It may seem silly, but the best way to increase your safety at home is to regularly exercise. Doing so can maintain strength, muscle tone, and balance. Regular exercise also has countless other benefits that can help a senior in more places than just their house.

Consider downsizing. If all else fails, it may be worth it for a senior to consider finding a new home. Many homes have narrow hallways, steep stairs, or icy walkways that simply cannot be easily mitigated. If this is the case, it may be worth it for a senior to consider downsizing and moving into a more manageable and safer property. 

These projects are not only good for improving safety and lessening danger, but they can be good for the wallet of a senior: In many states, home improvements designed to keep seniors in their homes are actually tax-deductible. This is something that you should check with your financial advisor.