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Best podcasts for senior citizens

If you are looking for that audio conversation to listen as you relax or take the afternoon walk, these amazing podcasts will not disappoint. They are both fun and informative.

The Better Health While Aging Podcast

Since senior citizens are commonly affected by age related conditions and diseases, the better health and aging podcast by Dr Leslie discusses common health problems and the best way to prevent and manage these problems. The podcast, which has more than 100 episodes, features various guests who discuss topics such as Medicare, long-term care, hearing loss, planning, and more. The conversations are interesting and informative.

Not Old-Better

The award-winning journalist, Paul Vogelzang, hosts this show. He interviews fascinating people and brings on board topics that are fun, interactive, and relevant to the seniors. Although he is not subject specific, topics such as healthy eating, sports, and celebrity life are discussed in an exclusive and interesting way. He has a way of emphasizing his premise that it is never too late to pursue any passions or purpose you might have in life. If you are looking for motivation and drive, then this is for you.

Aging in Full Bloom

This is our top pick podcast for wellness and aging. It is more of a motivation rather than a how to guide. The five-minute short episodes make it easy to include it in your daily morning routine. The host Lisa Stockdale is very passionate about all forms of mental wellness in relation to aging. Other topics may include memory care, positive mindset, hospice, dieting and nutrition, assisted living, and general care.

Living to 100 Club

This is more of a holistic approach to aging. It is more focused on aging successfully and happily. The episodes are about one hour long. You can listen to this podcast as you take your afternoon walk or the morning walk. Topics range from facing adversity in old age, healthy lifestyles, starting new chapters, and stretching beyond your limits. Since it is structured as a radio show, you can listen to raw and unfiltered stories from guests who share their life experiences and give wellness advice.

Girl Talk: Women, Aging, and Sexuality

This biweekly podcast goes into topics such as love, sex, and romance. The host Marcia Meyer leads a serious girl talk and goes on to explain that the “big girl” at 50 is still interested in romance and love. She hosts guests from diverse background and ethnicity and compiles the discussion into a 20-minute audio clip. Although romance is the main topic, she also delves into everything else about the aging woman.

Next Question with Katie Couric

If we had an out of the box category, then this podcast would be among the top three. It covers issues, movements, and actions that change our lives and redefine our priorities. If you are the aging historian or geographer, or you just like racking your brains a little, then this award-winning journalist will take you to the thinkers and back. She asks questions such as “how watching people play video games became a multibillion dollar industry” and honestly I too would like to know.

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