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Showing Senior Citizens They’re Love When You Can’t Be There in Person

There are as many ways to tell a person that you love them as there are people. It’s easy to forget to let your loved ones know, though.

It’s worth putting in the extra effort to make sure they know you care.

Here are a few ideas for making seniors feel loved even when you’re far apart.


Older adults remember a time when handwritten letters, cards, and thank-you notes were standard.

Texts and emails are casual. A handwritten note shows that you put care into what you sent someone. People write serious things with deep meaning in handwritten notes. It’s easy to dash off thoughtless emails. When you write on paper, you choose your words more carefully.

Even younger adults appreciate the novelty of getting a real letter. Senior citizens appreciate it even more.

Ask for Advice

Younger people often forget that senior citizens have a wealth of life experience to share. Ask them to share it.

In doing so, you express how much value you place on their thoughts. When you ask someone for advice, you prove that their wisdom has a positive impact.

Everyone wants to know that they can help the ones they love. Sometimes, allowing yourself to be helped is a way of expressing love and gratitude toward your helper.

Memory Books

If the senior citizen you love is someone you’ve known for a long time, you surely have many happy memories with them.

Write the memories down in a journal or self-publish them in a book. With a gift like this, you’ll remind your loved one of happy times and let them know that you, too, treasure those memories.

Video Calls With a Twist

Though it’s delightful to set aside time to focus entirely on your loved one, that’s not the only way to do video calls.

If your loved one doesn’t mind, you can do video calls while you’re completing chores. For example, you can place your computer on the counter while you make dinner. It will almost feel like you and your loved one are cooking together. Get on a video call while you fold your laundry. Call when you’re cleaning.

This will both make your tasks less boring and make your loved one feel like they’re truly involved in your day.


It can be tough to show love when you can’t see someone in person. It’s easy to leave your loved ones in isolation while assuming that they already know how you feel.

But people don’t feel loved just based on past experience. They feel loved based on efforts to show you treasure them today.

A mixture of physical keepsakes and emotional attentiveness will provide the very things that make life worth living. Deep, loving human connection is the most important thing in life. Don’t neglect it.

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