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Funny gift ideas for senior citizens

The birthday of an elderly person whom you love and care for is around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of some way to brighten their day. Maybe it is not their birthday, but it is a season of gifting and you want to give the senior person a gift just because it is a nice thing to do.

One thing about senior people is that they have seen it all in life. Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated, but funny gifts will definitely leave a mark in their memory. People in their golden years may be overwhelmed with stress and concerns and would therefore appreciate a good laugh, as do we all.

Below are some funny gifts ideas that may help you come up with the perfect present that will make the senior citizen in your life smile.

Fanny packs that look like a fake hair belly

This will definitely make an elderly man burst into laughter. If by chance you are thinking of gifting your grandfather, a hairy belly fanny pack will definitely do the trick.

Your grandfather may have a belly or may have had one at some point in his life. This type of gift is useful as well as inviting comment and jokes, and you will be rewarded by putting a smile on your grandpa’s face.

Dad jokes

Your elderly guardian may have teased and embarrassed you lovingly at some point in your life. This is therefore the best time to remind them of what they put you through when you were younger.

A Dad Jokes book that contains terrible jokes and puns that are as fun to tell as they are to hear. The older friend or relative will bask in the glory of the groans they receive the next time they get to spin a great pun at the perfect time.

Portable pouches for pizza

Although people should eat a healthy diet, especially as they get into their older years, having pizza occasionally is a fun treat. You can get this pouch as a present for the elderly pizza lover you want to surprise.

When they step out, they can carry a piece of pizza in the pouch to enjoy later as they get hungry. The little things in life make life memorable and beautiful. This pouch will be a great gift, and a funny one too once they open the gift wrapper.

A bottle stopper that resembles a cat

Does your grandmother or the elderly woman you plan to gift adore cats? If so, then this will be an awesome gift for her. Cats are wonderful majestic pets that try to squeeze themselves in any tiny spot they find.

These specialty bottle stoppers look hilarious when put on a bottle, as well as serve an actual purpose. Giving someone a gift that reminds him or her of their favorite thing is a guarantee that they will enjoy the gift.

Best ever mug

This will depend on the type of humor of the one to receive it. If they are jovial and lively in nature, you can think of a funny thing that they once did or that happened to them, then come up with an appropriate title and print it on the mug.

For example is if the senior enjoyed playing pranks on people in the past. You can have “Best Prankster Ever”, or anything that would be funny and appreciated. The senior will definitely get the inside joke and will appreciate the gift just that much more.

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