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How to apply for senior citizen housing

If you are a senior citizen in need of housing, this article will help you understand more about the application process and the requirements.

If you are in need of a house, it is important to know how you can qualify for housing. Here are some of the necessary qualifications:

  • The elderly person must already be receiving pension for old age as well as income benefits to qualify for senior residences. You, therefore, will need a statement from the National Insurance Institute to confirm your income benefits and pension for old age.
  • You must be in good health and able to take care of yourself. Senior citizens who need nursing care may not qualify for senior residency, unless the selection committee decides otherwise.
  • For you to be eligible for senior citizen housing, you must meet the criteria of safety. This means that you may undergo a diagnosis to prove that you are not a danger to yourself or to others. Senior residences focus on providing security to the seniors.
  • To make the grade for senior housing, you need to prove that you do not live with your children. Elderly people who stay with their adult children are not eligible for housing.
  • If you live in your own home on your own piece of land, you will not qualify for senior citizen housing. Elderly people that are homeless, immigrants, or live in public houses are more eligible for the senior residency.

How to apply

  • If you currently reside in a public house, you can get in touch with the housing company of your residence and get them to help you apply for housing in a senior citizen neighborhood.
  • If you are a senior that is homeless, you can still get access to a senior citizen residency. Try to find the registration companies for public housing in your area. You can ask someone to help you. Once you find the registration companies, contact them, and apply for senior housing.

Things worth noting

  • During the application process, you should not pay any money to fill an application form. Agencies that charge money may be fake and do not provide any guarantee that your application will be successful.
  • You may receive a letter after two weeks to let you know that your application was successful and provide you with details of your senior residency. If you do not receive any feedback within three weeks, you can always call the registration company for public housing and follow up.
  • After a successful application, some senior residencies have policies that require you to attend an eligibility interview. The interview will help determine whether you meet the set criteria and may involve a psychological evaluation to diagnose if you have violent or harmful tendencies, in order to establish whether you could cause harm to yourself or others in the neighborhood.
  • You have the option to choose whether you prefer to live in a senior residence that is exclusive only to seniors or one that is partially exclusive, and may allow you to live in the residence with someone who is not a senior.
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