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Free & Discounted online programs/classes for senior citizens

Free & Discounted online programs/classes for senior citizens

Are you an older adult who is looking for opportunities to go back to school or learn a skill? Where can you find free or discounted programs and classes you can enroll in? If you’re a senior citizen eager to learn, then you’re in the right place.

You may even decide to enroll in auditing online courses where senior citizens can continue to learn no matter what financial background they might come from. Not only will these older adults be able to learn and develop skills, but they will also reap the following benefits:

Stay healthy and active

Studying helps older adults to do mental exercises. It has the same effect as reading, which has been associated with the prevention of early-onset Alzheimers. Not only do senior citizens stay mentally alert, but they will also develop healthier memory.

Emotional boost

Studies have shown that older adults who go back to school develop positive and meaningful relationships with peers. Whether it’s enjoying new knowledge and skills or pursuing life-long dreams, staying active in the classroom is not only a delightful way to boost mental health but also develop a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Engage socially

Older adults are more prone to loneliness than any other age group. The opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and develop new relationships are not only mentally stimulating but also emotionally fulfilling.

Now that you’re acquainted with the benefits of going back to school, let’s look at several choices available for senior citizens. Here is a look at free and discounted online programs or classes for senior citizens.


There’s a massive learning platform online that offers great online classes for older adults at no cost—Coursera. Although not all courses are free, there are many you can choose to enroll in without shelling out a single penny. This platform includes channels where students can interact with each other, share notes and comments, as well as help each other learn.

The courses at Coursera are spread out and made to stretch for several weeks. The readings are both mandatory and optional, depending on the subject. Examples of these courses are ENGL 407 (Medieval Women Writers via Saylor) and Positive Psychology, as well as a huge array of others.

Coursera also offers a class called “Sit less. Get Active.” This is a free three-week course featuring videos and reading materials on how to maintain an active lifestyle. The course focuses on developing a solid personal goal toward improved health.


Udemy offers a Top Health Courses Online Class which aims to teach a variety of new workout routines, healthy recipes, and practices with the aim of enriching spiritual life.

This course encourages students to reflect on their own health in order to establish personal health goals as well as understand their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Udemy also offers language courses. A free taster course on learning French is a good example. Second language learning develops a quick mind that is adept at problem-solving, critical thinking, listening, concentrating, and multitasking.

Another course worth mentioning is called “The Beginning,” which features aspects of psychology merged with spirituality and science. This is a course that will walk students through the foundation of shame in order to understand and accept the factors that compels one to feel such an emotion.

This course is divided into 7 parts and comes with worksheets that help students explore and evaluate some personal values and aspects of their lives.

Senior citizens can also dive into some lessons on entrepreneurship and sustainability, a course which is divided into 8 chapters. This course delves into the development of technology and industries towards a sustainable environment.

Life doesn’t end at 65. In fact, it only opens up new avenues and opportunities that even senior citizens can grab and enjoy. One of these opportunities is going back to school without the financial stress or traditional requirements of schools such as grades and exams.

In fact, going online is safer and more convenient for older adults. So if you’re already 65 or older or know an older individual, let them know that they have free and affordable choices to go back to school.

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