How to find senior citizen discounts

One of the many benefits of becoming a senior is a simple one, one that can seem silly but add up: Senior discounts! Many places offer senior discounts as a way of enticing seniors into their establishments. However, these discounts can sometimes be difficult to find, be it at a national chain or a local store. Thankfully, there are ways to locate them. 

Check the internet. In many cases, a simple Google search will reveal whether or not a place you patronize or are interested in visiting offers a senior discount. Simply Googling “senior discount” can often reveal what stores make such offers. There is also no shortage of websites that make these offers. For example, The Senior List lists a slew of national stores that make these offers.

Call and ask. Remember, the vast majority of stores aren’t going to simply add a senior discount to your bill or checkout – you’ll have to ask for it first. Before visiting any store, consider calling and asking about whether or not they offer a senior discount. This way, you know going in whether or not you can get such a discount.

Ask your local senior center. Many regions have a senior center or “active life” organization that is geared around helping seniors stay active, healthy, and social. These centers can often also be resources for seniors about a wide array of programs and discounts that may be available to them, including senior discounts. In fact, odds are good that they already have this information at their fingertips and may be able to give it to you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Chambers of Commerce or other business organizations. Chambers of Commerce are often pillars of a community that can give out a wide array of business information. Remember, their goal is to help businesses thrive, and one of the ways they do so is by giving out information about businesses that are members of their organization. As such, call up your local Chamber and find out if they have that information available. Odds are good that they will, although you have to keep in mind that this info may be limited to businesses that are already members of the Chamber. If there are other business groups in an area, you can ask them for more information. 

Ask your friends. For all the information we now have available at our fingertips, it is still often easier to simply ask people we know. If your friends are the same age as you, ask what sort of success they’ve had at finding senior discounts. They may have a very good idea of where to go and what places are more forthcoming with discounts.

As you can see, there’s a theme here: Make a call or inquiry to a business or organization, and you will likely be rewarded for your efforts.

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