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What are the top health concerns for senior citizens?

Old age often comes with various health complications that could be easier or harder on you depending on your genetics or lifestyle choices. As you plan your retirement, therefore, it is also important that you consider your health today and in the future. Although you may not have control over what happens in your life, there are certain aspects of your wellbeing that you can control.

For instance, you can decide to start eating healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables from now on. Exercising, taking long walks, and participating in sports will also work to improve the quality of your life in old age.

A healthy lifestyle may also slow down the progress of some diseases in old age such as Alzheimer’s disease.

When working to develop a life-changing routine, here are some of the major health concerns that you should be targeting:

Cognitive deterioration

As one grows old, memory loss becomes common. It is important, however, to determine whether a senior is suffering from the common memory loss or early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Early treatment can help slow down such diseases and allow the seniors to enjoy a better quality of life in their golden age.

Balancing problems

You may have heard or witnessed an incident whereby an old person fell. Such falls occur because balancing the body becomes a problem in old age. Falling accounts for most of the great injuries that senior citizens suffer.

Walking sticks and canes help old people to maintain their balance as they engage in their daily activities.

Dental issues

It is common knowledge that old people may sometimes lose their teeth. Though not all senior people experience this loss, it is quite a common occurrence.

Senior citizens may also develop gingivitis and other dental complications. Regular visits to the dentist, therefore, are recommended because they can help senior avoid many dental complications.

Heart disease

Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading health concern for people over 65 years. High levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure put older people at high risks of developing heart diseases.

Regular exercise and eating healthy foods will help you avoid some heart complications in your golden age.

Respiratory complications

If you have a respiratory disease like asthma, it may grow worse in your old days. Seniors, therefore, are encouraged to seek treatment and take medications in order to have control over such diseases.

Engaging in active physical activities and breathing fresh air may also help clear up the lungs and reduce the risk of developing respiratory infections and worsening existing respiratory issues.

Loss of vision

Unfortunately, your eyesight will not always be as good as it is today. Old people experience eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and the glaucoma effect among others. Seniors should make regular visits to an optician and check for any visual complications.

Glasses and surgeries have helped solve many visual problems.

Hearing loss

Seniors have a higher probability of experiencing hearing loss. When it happens, hearing aids can be useful in solving some hearing problems.


Old citizens are at great risk of developing different kinds of cancer. Cancers common in old women include cervical cancer and endometrial cancer while men may develop prostate cancer. Regular screening helps to detect early stages of cancer and treat it.

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